It is now a legal requirement in Europe that Laser safety goggles & spectacles must carry the CE mark under the “personal Protective Equipment” Directive and be type tested and labelled to EN207. In the USA the ANSI standard applies. TFT stocks three types of lens that are ideal for most visible red and infra red laser diode applications. They are suitable even if the operator wears prescription spectacles, as they fit over the top.

  Other lens and frame types are available to special order. £140 per pair plus VAT and delivery.



  Visible Red Filter (blue lens) RB2

  EN207 Classification           Continuous                 D 616-660 L3

                                             Continuous                 DIR 660-665 L4

                                             Continuous                 D 666-715 L4

ANSI Classification               633-700 OD3+

For use with:-                      Visible red up to 5W


Infra Red Filter (red lens) DI2

  EN207 Classification            Continuous                 D 785-830 L4

                                            Pulsed                        I 785-830 L5

                                            Pulsed                        I 800-820 L6

ANSI Classification              785-830 OD5+

For use with:-                     Infra Red up to 20W


Red & Infra Red Filter (green lens) ML3

  EN207 Classification           DIR 630-660 L3

                                           DIR 800-915 L3

ANSI Classification              630-660 OD5+

                                           800-915nm OD3+

For use with:-                     Visible red up to 500W, Infra Red up to 200mW


Yag (Orange Lens) DBY

  EN207 Classification           DIR 630-660

L3 D 180-315 L7
R 180-315 L4
D >>315-534 L4
IRM >>315-534 L6
D 925-1064 L5
IRM 925-1064 L6
IR 980-1064 L7

ANSI Classification               190-534nm OD7+

                                            925-1070nm OD6+

For use with:-                      Yag 532 and 1064nm


Infra Red Filter (green lens) YG3

ANSI Classification              840-950 OD5+

----------------------------------1070-1090 OD5+

                                           950-1070nm OD7+

For use with:-                     Infra Red 840 to 1070nm